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Recirculating Fill & Drain Kit

Recirculating Fill & Drain Kit

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Level Sensor Height

Take your recirculating hydroponic system to the next level with Nuravine's Recirculating Fill & Drain Kit

Upgrade your recirculating system with Nuravine's Recirculating Fill & Drain Kit powered buy Flux. Primarily designed for users of the Nuravine dosing system such as our Pro Bundle, it can also function as a standalone device. This kit grants you full control over your system's filling, draining, and changeouts.

The kit includes the Flux Controller and Monitor for precise water flow regulation, along with a Hydroponic Flow Meter and Level Sensor for accurate water level readings. Manage water flow with the included 120V Relays, Ball Valve, and Solenoid Valve, and ensure a perfect fit with our Custom Port hole cover.

Note: This kit does not include the Aurora Monitor and Controller or the Elixir 3-Pump Module. If you're seeking a comprehensive upgrade, consider our Fully Automated Recirculating Dosing System.  


  • 1x Flux
  • 1x Flow Meter
  • 1x Level Sensor
  • 2x 120V Relays
  • 1x Ball Valve
  • 1x Solenoid Valve
  • 1x Custom Port hole cover
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