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Fully Automated Recirculating Dosing System

Fully Automated Recirculating Dosing System

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Experience cutting-edge hydroponic farming with Nuravine's Fully Automated Recirculating System.

Engineered to support a range of hydroponic methods like Deep Water Culture (DWC), Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Aeroponics, Vertical Farming, and Shipping Containers, it's a game-changer for modern growers.

Key Features:

  • Automated Nutrient Dosing: Our advanced system not only adds nutrients during the initial system fill but also maintains optimal pH and EC levels for robust plant growth. No more manual nutrient mixing.

  • Adaptable Management Style: Prefer letting pH and EC values drift or maintain strict levels? Our system supports your style. Adjust the parameters exactly when needed with our intuitive scheduling software.

  • Efficient Changeouts: Prepare for streamlined changeouts. The system drains to specific levels for partial changeouts or empties fully. Refilling is automated for unparalleled efficiency.

  • Time-based Additive Dosing: Keep your plants healthy with periodic dosing of additives like hypochlorous acid or beneficial microbes.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring: Track key parameters like Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels for a balanced growing environment.

Achieve the best results in your hydroponic farming with our state-of-the-art Automated Recirculating Nutrient Dosing. Coupled with our dedicated tech support, we provide a seamless path to the future of hydroponics.

This system includes access to our cloud-based software on the Nuravine Cloud. For just $19 per month, manage multiple systems seamlessly and enjoy the benefits of full automation in your recirculating system. Your subscription begins when you activate the software.


  • 1x Aurora Monitor and Controller
  • 1-4x Elixir 3-Pump Module
  • 1x Flux 24V AC/DC Controller and Monitor 
  • 1x Flow Meter
  • 1x Level Sensor
  • 2x 120V Relays
  • 1x Ball Valve
  • 1x Solenoid Valve
  • 1x Custom Port hole cover
  • 1x Double junction pH sensor
  • 1x EC/Temperature sensor
  • 1x ORP sensor
  • 1x DO sensor
  • 1x Aurora 4-port Manifold
  • 2x Elixir Manifolds
  • 1x 100ft roll of tubing
  • 6x Bottle cap kit straws (one for each of the Elixir’s pumps)
  • 1x pH calibration pack (pH 4.0 and pH 7.0)
  • 1x EC calibration pack (EC low and high solutions)
  • 1x ORP calibration solution bottle
  • 1x 500mL graduated cylinder for calibrating the Elixir’s pumps
  • Access to the Nuravine Cloud
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