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Introducing the Flux - Powering Automation in Hydroponics

Experience the peak of flexibility and customized control in hydroponic systems with the Flux. Its 16 valve control outputs, 4 sensor inputs, and Modbus connectivity offer the power to automate virtually any hydroponic process.

Key Features:

  • Control of 16x 24V AC/DC Outputs: Manage valves, pumps, relays, and more.
  • Integration of 4x 4-20 mA Sensor Inputs: Accommodate level, pressure, flow, and other sensor types.
  • RS485 Modbus Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate with 32 additional devices.
  • Robust Software: Create simple to complex rules and automations to suit your needs.
  • Remote Access: Monitor and control from any location with WiFi and cloud connectivity.
  • Compact Design: Wall-mountable, space-saving design featuring industrial quality components.

Upgrade your hydroponic system with the Flux and bring automation to filling, draining, dosing, and beyond.

Need more power? Combine multiple Flux units for enhanced capabilities. 

Flux is also a component of our Fully Automated Recirculating and Batch Dosing systems! 

The Flux is a scalable, customizable solution designed to evolve with your needs - pioneering the next generation of hydroponics.

Streamline your operations with the Flux. Make the leap towards hydroponic automation and unlock your potential today.


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