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Manifold: Aurora (3 Sensor)

Manifold: Aurora (3 Sensor)

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  • Aurora Manifold integrates Aurora's sensors directly in-line with your hydroponic system’s plumbing.
  • Connects into circulation loop for a batch tank or a recirculating system.
  • Sturdy, Schedule 80 construction ensures manifold does not crack or bend under normal stresses.
  • Designed for three ½” sensors. Perfect if you have added an ORP or DO sensor to get more insights out of your Aurora.


  • 1x 1” 3-port manifold tee with three ½” sensor sockets integrated
  • 1x 1” pipe hanger for clean and easy wall mounting
  • 1x 1” MPT nipple for integration with other manifold components
  • 1x roll of plumbers tape
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